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SpaceX Just Revealed its Charges to Carry a Payload into Orbit

SpaceX Just Revealed its Charges to Carry a Payload into Orbit
SpaceX Falcon9 CRS7 Explosion Michael Seeley / Flickr cc


SpaceX Just Revealed its Charges to Carry a Payload into Orbit

Elon Musk’s SpaceX has been unveiling ‘eyebrow rising’ specs about Falcon 9 Rocket and the yet-to-release Falcon Heavy since last week. After its update on the rocket’s capabilities, the website also revealed information on its ‘charges’ for carrying a satellite into orbit.

According to the image on SpaceX, the Standard Payment Plan for 2018 launch is estimated to charge $62M in Falcon 9 and $90M in Falcon Heavy. However, SpaceX has been hyping from a long time on its ‘price reduction’ for either commercial or governmental customers.

The website provides detail from destination to performance of its rockets which currently range from 28,800 kg (Falcon 9) to 54,400 kg (Falcon Heavy). You can find the information here.

The aerospace space manufacturers have already revealed their plans to launch one of their spacecraft to Mars. This would be the first move by a private company to set missions that are interplanetary, especially to the red planet. If successful, SpaceX would land its Dragon Spacecraft “as soon as 2018”.

After its successful barge landing of Falcon 9, the company managed to surprise every customer worldwide. Currently, the company claims the F9 has the ability to carry its payload up to 8,860 (4018 Kg) pounds to Mars.

In an earlier tweet by Elon Musk, he said, “F9 thrust at liftoff will be raised to 1.71M ibf later this year. It is capable of 1.9M ibf in flight.” Adding to that, “Falcon Heavy thrust will be 5.1 M ibf at liftoff- twice any rocket currently flying. It’s a beast…”

The company also said “Modest discounts are available, for contractually committed and multi-launch purchases.”  As funny as it sounds, private orbital missions will soon take the world by surprise before we know it.

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