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America’s Robotic Space Plane Orbiting Earth For Top Secret Mission

America’s Robotic Space Plane Orbiting Earth For Top Secret Mission
Space Shuttle Discovery Landing At Washington DC – Explored #1 / Flickr CC BY 2.0


America’s Robotic Space Plane Orbiting Earth For Top Secret Mission

On May 20, America’s space plane will celebrate its first year orbiting in space. But the U.S. Air Force has remained mum on giving further details on the real intention of the mission.

This, according to some reports, increases the anxiety of other countries with growing interests and capabilities in space exploration. In Russia, for example, several speculations have been circulating and being reported in the media on what the plane might be possibly doing up in the space.

In one report from the Radio Sputnik, political analyst and Chief Adviser of the Russian Institute for Strategic Studies Vladimir Kozin said there’s no doubt that from the start, the project was intended for military purposes. He said the U.S. has deliberately started the program with an object of militarizing it.

Kozin was referring to the joint space exploration project between NASA and the airline manufacturing company Boeing. The true intention and objective of the project, which sent the Boeing X-37 space plane last May 20, 2015, remained highly confidential as of this moment.

“This Experiment was carried out not for the first time. This is a huge space shuttle cargo bay, which can be downloaded [with] space strike weapon, space-to-space, that is, anti satellite systems. [Or], space-to-Earth, that means, that from the space [it] can be used against objects on the Earth’s surface therefore, is a purely military program [in a] long-term,” Kozin told Radio Sputnik in Russian.

Officials from NASA remained tight-lipped when asked about the mission of the space plane. But AnnMarie Annicelli, spokesperson for the U.S. Air Force, only confirmed to that the same plane would be turning a year on the 20th. She declined to provide further information about the mission.

Reports show that one of the mission of the space plane is to test a new generation of space engine called “Hall Thruster” as well as to carry out an experiment on 100 different materials and its response to intensely harsh environment.

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