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‘Space Jam 2’ LeBron James Not Keen To Act, Movie May Face Cancellation

‘Space Jam 2’ LeBron James Not Keen To Act, Movie May Face Cancellation
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‘Space Jam 2’ LeBron James Not Keen To Act, Movie May Face Cancellation

“Space Jam 2” with LeBron James may not even happen.  The NBA star is rumored to take the place of Micheal Jordan in the sequel of “Space Jam” but his statements recently make people think twice.

According to Hollywood Reporter, Justin Lin of “Fast And Furious” will be at the helm. Andrew Dodge and Alfredo Botello will co-write and work with Lin.

The sequel, “Space Jam 2” is expected to go beyond the original movie’s earnings worldwide. It has worldwide earnings of $230.4 million in 1996.

LeBron James will reportedly top bill in lieu of Michael Jordan. The Cleveland Cavaliers star, however, stated in CBS Sports that as of this time, he is not taking his focus off his present job. His team in SpringHill Entertainment will do the preparations for the said film. Does it mean a cancellation of the movie? Will another actor replace him just to push through with the contract with Warner Bros.?

Last year, the same source CBS Sports said that he will not profit from doing “Space Jam 2.” One reason is that Looney Tunes characters are not that famous these days. The plot is not impressive. He cannot do it on his own; he needs help to do it.

However, LeBron James signed a deal with the Looney Tunes owner and he has commissioned a director and writers for the sequel. He is also set to build a Hollywood empire as a fall back when he retires. These hint that “Space Jam 2” with LeBron James will push through.

His hesitation might be in preparation for a wider publicity for the upcoming sequel. It is also possible that he wants to draw attention to the film. This is not his first try at acting because he just finished working in “Trainwreck.”

Whether LeBron James will star in the film or not; his film outfit might go on with the film. But if he will, then it would mean more money for his company.

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