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Space Burials: Moon Memorial, Star Memorial, Ashes Released In Earth Orbit

Space Burials: Moon Memorial, Star Memorial, Ashes Released In Earth Orbit
Antares Rocket With Cygnus Spacecraft Launches NASA Goddard Space Flight Center / FlickrCC BY 2.0


Space Burials: Moon Memorial, Star Memorial, Ashes Released In Earth Orbit

In the end we are all nothing but space dust, however, some people have taken it literally and have opted for “Space Burials”. Yes, you can now be interred in the vast cosmos and forever exist in the heavens, for a price of course.

Everyone has wanted to go to heaven in one way or another after they die. But no one has thought of making a business model out of it until recently.

Meet Celestis and and Elysium Space, two companies that offer a chance of a lifetime, sort of. For a substantial fee, both offer to send a symbolic portion of your cremated remains to the final frontier.

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According to NBC, Celestis is a subsidiary of Houston-based aerospace company Space Services who offer a variety of ways to send your remains sky-high. Prices vary depending on how far you want to go, with the cheapest “Space Burials” only involving a round trip spaceflight.

“Space Burials” Now Offered By Two Companies

However, if you really want to go where no man has gone before, be prepared to shell upwards of $12,500 dollars. This will take your remains into deep space and who knows, maybe in a few million years, you will be part of a newborn star.

Elysium Space, on the other hand, offers a “Shooting Star Memorial” for $1,190. It involves launching a loved one’s remains into space and seeing it turn into a fireball when it reenters the Earth’s atmosphere. Family and friends can also track its location and watch the flight from the capsule’s point of view via a mobile app.

Both companies are now accepting reservations as pre-planning is required to coordinate with the families of the deceased. Celestis co-founder and CEO Charles Chafer claim that more than 1,000 people have used the company’s services since they introduced them in 1997.

While there are certainly cheaper ways to remember a deceased loved one, you have to admit that sending your remains into deep space is an awesome way to go. What do you think of these so-called “Space Burials?” Would you avail one for yourself? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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