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South Park Season 20 Premiere Spoilers: National Anthem Reboot (Watch)

South Park Season 20 Premiere Spoilers: National Anthem Reboot (Watch)
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South Park Season 20 Premiere Spoilers: National Anthem Reboot (Watch)

“South Park” Season 20 premier will be finally aired on Comedy Central on Wednesday, following a nine-month-long hiatus. The world has a lot going on for the hit adult-animated series to be not back to talk and sing about it.

Over the two decades that the series has been running, it carved out its own niche by creating political satires. With the huge developments taking place in America’s political arena around the election of the next US president, South Park Season 20 episode 1 will begin with Garrison on his road to the White House, the Screen Crush reported.

However, Trey Parker and co-creator Matt Stone earlier said that latest season would not be focusing on the political issues surrounding the US presidential elections.

The Comedy Central also revealed through a press release that the episode one of the animated series, which has been curiously titled ‘Member Berries’ will feature a “reboot” of the National Anthem.

The show already has a history of re-writing famous jams that included Cartman’s rendition of ‘O Holy Night.’ Apart from following the National Anthem controversy and Garrison’s bid for US presidentship, it also remains to see whether Caitlyn Jenner could be seen by Garrison’s side this time.

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According to a report by the Parent Herald, there will be a major structural change in the South Park Season 20. The change, which began last season, will take place through the entire season instead of a reset for each episode.

According to series creator Parker, the South Park has no intention of introducing Donald Trump as a character. Therefore, there is no possibility of his presence on the episode of South Park Season 20.

The show will premiere on September 14 on Comedy Central at 10 p.m. ET. According to Christian Post, the video game on the series titled ‘South Park: The Fractured But Whole,’ is scheduled for release in Xbox, PS4 and PC platforms on December 6.

Check back for updates on the video featuring the National Anthem reboot.

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