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South China Sea: US Names Russia & China As ‘Targets To Be Neutralized’

South China Sea: US Names Russia & China As ‘Targets To Be Neutralized’
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South China Sea: US Names Russia & China As ‘Targets To Be Neutralized’

Tensions are high in the South China Sea but an unlikely party may be the key to solving the issue. According to reports, Russia is in a position to help resolve the dispute but the United States does not seem willing to compromise because it prepares new weapons against Russia and China.

Russia is the Answer to the South China Sea Dispute?

Russia is now in a position to become a mediator in the South China Sea dispute. Since the tensions are rising alarmingly in the region, some analysts believe that Russia could be the impartial body on the matter.

Beijing has been “aggressive” in its claims over the territorial dispute and the United States has continually challenged that. Other nations like Taiwan, Brunei and Philippines among others are also after the islands making the situation even more complicated.

Some analysts and parties suggest that the only way to solve the situation is through arbitration.

“The problem is that instead of creating or at least backing the establishment of a mediation court, the US is trying to ‘contain’ China. Since the Chinese economy is approximately as large as the American, Washington views Beijing as its primary rival. It follows then that in any territorial disputes involving China and its neighbors, Washington has always pursued a simple strategy of backing Beijing’s opponents,” stated by Vzglyad via Sputnik.

According to the report, the United States seems unfamiliar on how geopolitics work in the Asian region. The general consensus appears to be that the only way to solve it is through respecting all parties involved.

“Trying to solve political issues in Asia using the [black and white] worldview is dangerous for global stability,” noted by the newspaper. “The problem is that the Americans, like many in Europe are simply incapable of holding talks from the standpoint of treating every participant as equal.”

Russia could oppose the actions of the United States in the region. The country should create a third party arbitration body to resolve the matter.

US to neutralized Russia and China With New Weapons

However, the United States seems convinced that Russia and China are targets to be neutralized. Business Insider reported that the US Navy just announced the completion of the initial operational tests and evaluations with Raytheon’s SeaRAM antiship missile-defense system. As the United States completed this specific step, a big question has been addressed. US military planners have always been concerned about antiship cruise missiles with Russia and China continually professing their technologies related to the missile and other threats.

“The successful testing on the Independence variant (USS Coronado) demonstrates the self-defense capabilities of the ship and systems and installs confidence in Coronado as the ship prepares for its maiden deployment this summer,” said LCS program manager Capt. Tom Anderson in the statement.

Furthermore, Cmdr. Scott Larson, the Coronado’s commanding officer, explained through a NAVSEA statement that the USS Coronado has been intended “to fight and win in contested waters, where high-end anti-ship cruise missiles pose a significant threat to naval forces.”

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