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South China Sea: Russia, China Intensify War Games

South China Sea: Russia, China Intensify War Games
Victory Day Parade President of Russia / Website CC BY 4.0


South China Sea: Russia, China Intensify War Games

Russia and China are teaming up to beef up military operations which may serve both nations strategically against a common foe: the United States. Moreover, the joint military operations may also affect China’s bid in the South China Sea which is getting strong objections from claimants and the world over.

Tensions will not be letting up soon in the South China Sea as China found an ally to boost its military capacity. According to reports, China and Russia will be increasing their military exercises to beef up security and defense cooperation in light of the territorial tensions. Russian Defence Minister Sergey Shoigu revealed the plan when he met with Chinese counterpart Chang ­Wanquan.

“We highly appreciate a high level of Russian-Chinese contacts both at the state and defense levels. This year we are going to hold more exercises and events than in the past years,” TASS quoted Shoigu.

“Here I would like to underscore that we will conduct both ground and naval exercises,” he added.

“Certainly, the aim is to strengthen mutually beneficial relations of partnership.”

The Russian defense minister is also optimistic about Russia and China’s discussion on bilateral cooperation in defense and technology at the 5th Moscow International Security Conference.

Gen Chang Wanquan noted that “opinions should be shared and watches synchronized” in military cooperation.

“Thanks to personal efforts of the two heads of state over the past year, the relations between Russian and Chinese armed forces have been developing at the high level,” said the Chinese defense minister.

“The sides have been implementing agreements and working side by side in all spheres.”

Additionally, Stars and Stripes reported that the situation in the South China Sea has grown incredibly complex. This situation has prompted A-10 attack planes to fly over Scarborough Shoal as part of the maritime patrols. The patrols were done just a few miles from the west of the Philippines and what has been supposed the site where Beijing could execute “land reclamation.” The United States has been conducting military exercises with allied countries as well in an attempt to thwart off Chinese aggression.

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