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South China Sea: China Deploys Magicians, Singers, Actors To Disputed Region

South China Sea: China Deploys Magicians, Singers, Actors To Disputed Region


South China Sea: China Deploys Magicians, Singers, Actors To Disputed Region

Yes, China has sent out more reinforcements. Well, sort of. As tensions along the South China Sea continue, the country thought it would go ahead and send some of its best acts in the entertainment industry on a music tour of some to the disputed islands.

One of China’s favorite singers, Song Zuying, was tapped to headline this unique entertainment tour, which also came with some magicians, actors as well as a number of other singers.

There were skits and magic tricks meant to stir national pride. As for China’s continual push to claim territories in the South China Sea, the troop delivered a performance entitled “The People’s Navy Advances” just to make the message clear.

And of course, there were songs that evoked the same agenda.

In fact, one song performed included the “Ode to South Sea Defenders.” According to a report from the Associated Press, a line in the song goes, “On stilted platforms in the South Sea, (China’s) five-starred red flag flaps in the wind, I’ve tasted all types of bitterness in the South Sea, (but) the people’s happiness is my pride and glory.”

Zuying is a true national pride, having sung with Celine Dion once on state television. Needless to say, her performance to the naval officers and construction workers during the tour was a huge hit.

The entertainment group made sure to visit much of the disputed islands. It made its way to the Fiery Cross Reef where China has already constructed a runway that can service its largest military aircraft. Meanwhile, it also dropped by the smaller Cuarteron Reef.

For some time now, tensions have been high with regards to China’s South China Sea territorial dispute with the Philippines, Brunei, Malaysia, Taiwan and Vietnam. The U.S. has even decided to increase its military presence in the Philippines as a result.

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