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Vietnam Makes a Move, Taiwan Launches Drills But Beijing Quiet and Afraid

Vietnam Makes a Move, Taiwan Launches Drills But Beijing Quiet and Afraid
Subi Reef, Spratly Islands, South China Sea, in May 2015. The source claims it is Mischief Reef, which is clearly wrong when compared with other photos of both reefs. United States Navy Public Domain


Vietnam Makes a Move, Taiwan Launches Drills But Beijing Quiet and Afraid

Vietnam is making a move in the South China Sea region and Beijing seems quiet about it. The Vietnamese will be extending its military runway on a small island in the disputed region with China unusually quiet about it. Is Vietnam making the right play or will a South China Sea WW3 blow up?

The Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) claims that Vietnam is looking to develop one of the Spratly Islands. The runway will reportedly be stretched to 1,000 meters from 762 meters. The center issued some satellite images to back up its claims.

Vietnam makes a move.

According to Voice of America, the CSIS reveals that the longer runway will allow for better surveillance aircraft operations. The country is also planning to construct airplane hangars.

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South China Sea has a number of islands claimed by different nations. The Spratly Islands are comprised of a series of coral reefs, islets including other land formations.

Taiwan Launches Drills But Beijing Quiet and Afraid?

Likewise, another report from Reuters claims that China seems to be “untypically quiet” in the South China Sea. This is particularly about Taiwan’s recent drills. Taiwan and China seldom see eye to eye over the disputed region. Regardless of the tensions, Beijing seems to have always avoided saying anything harsh to Taiwan unlike to other claimant countries.

According to experts, China lets Taipei push its claims on Itu Aba. This is because China sees the country as a breakaway that it can take back in the future.

“Our supply transports have never encountered Chinese interference,” said  Lee Chung-wei, minister of Taiwan’s Coast Guard Administration.

“The Nansha Islands, including Taiping Island, are inseparable parts of China,” added spokesman Geng Shuang.

“Chinese people on both sides of the Taiwan Strait have an obligation to jointly protect this ancestral property.”

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