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South China Sea: Japan Acquiring Deadly British Weapons To Fight China

South China Sea: Japan Acquiring Deadly British Weapons To Fight China
F/A-18s and Su-30s fly above USS Enterprise. Official US Navy Page / Flickr CC BY 2.0


South China Sea: Japan Acquiring Deadly British Weapons To Fight China

South China Sea tensions are forcing countries to look for the next best weapon to fight China with. As Beijing continues its aggressive bid to conquer the disputed territory, Japan has reportedly started investing on deadly British-hardware in case of a confrontation. Will Japan be able to defeat China?

Japan to Get Deadly British Weapons

China’s bid in the South China Sea region has gotten nations throughout Asia worried. Japan, for instance, started splurging on British-made hardware in preparation for a confrontation with China.

Likewise, North Korea’s recent actions have Tokyo worried, thus prompting the country to restock in armory. More importantly, the recent tense encounters between China and Japan reportedly forced the latter to pursue an injection of cash to buy a range of new kits.

According to RT, some of the high-tech equipment Japan is looking to purchase include 11 AAV7 amphibious assault craft from British arms giant BAE Systems.

The report added that the ongoing confrontation between Japan and China across the small set of islands along the northeast part of Taiwan, also referred to as Senkakus, have inspired Japan’s newfound interest in becoming more armed.

More importantly, the Defense Ministry is reportedly working on convincing the government to release as much as 100 billion yen (about US $965 million) to purchase jets Britain is planning to bring into service like a fleet of F-35 jets. Other hardware includes Osprey V-22 tilt-rotor aircraft and Chinook helicopters.

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No One Will Win

However, Vietnam warned beforehand that despite efforts of countries to conquer South China Sea, everyone will lose. Vietnamese President Tran Dai Quang warned that there could be no winner in the dispute.

“The South China Sea, located at the heart of Southeast Asia, not only brings about many important benefits to nations in the region but it is also a vital route to maritime and air transport of the world,” Yahoo quoted the official.

He also said that “recent worrying developments” there “have had a negative impact on the security environment of the region, especially maritime security and safety, freedom of navigation and overflight”.

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