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South China Sea: China And Russia Team Up To Bomb United States

South China Sea: China And Russia Team Up To Bomb United States
US Navy 100215-N-8421M-185 Ships operate in formation in the South China Sea U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 1st Class David Mercil / Wikimedia Commons Public Domain


South China Sea: China And Russia Team Up To Bomb United States

Experts warned the United States before that should it try to isolate Russia and China, the two might find a likely alliance. That very thing may be happening now, as war games between Russia and China started, and with most assuming their military power will be more directed at the United States should tensions escalate. Will the U.S. be nuked to pieces?

China and Russia Team Up

War games have become Russia’s way of bonding with other countries and answering some concerned world powers. As the United States, NATO, and its members continue to condemn Russia for its perceived aggression, Moscow is finding ways to strengthen its fleet and alliance with other countries.

“I believe that Russia and China could create an alliance toward which NATO will be powerless and which will put an end to the imperialist desires of the West,” said China’s Xi Jinping via Daily Star.

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Just recently, Moscow hosted friendly war games comprised of China, Pakistan, Iran, and 17 other nations. The International Army Games competition started on Saturday and will commence for the next two weeks celebrating military power and destruction, as reported by Wired. Some of the activities included “sniper frontier,” a medic relay race, and “masters of artillery fire.”

China Beefing Up Power

China has been adamant in showing off its powers to the world with its Type-96B, a new tank in the Type-96 family. According to Hindusian Times, the tank performed well during the war games that it may be ready to replace its predecessors.

“The Type-96B is the strongest variant of the Type-96 family and is truly an advanced, third-generation main battle tank,” said Gao Zhuo, a Shanghai-based military analyst.

“The PLA will use it to replace the old tanks such as the Type-59 and Type-69 models.”

National Interest also noted that China is preparing to go hard or go home in the South China Sea, following the announcement that it “installed reinforced hangars to protect tactical aircraft from outside attacks.” The hangars will supposedly protect the region from “unknown structures.”

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