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South China Sea: China, Russia Launch Air Defense And Submarine Attacks, US On The Losing End – Report

South China Sea: China, Russia Launch Air Defense And Submarine Attacks, US On The Losing End – Report
US Navy 100215-N-8421M-185 Ships operate in formation in the South China Sea U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 1st Class David Mercil / Wikimedia Commons Public Domain


South China Sea: China, Russia Launch Air Defense And Submarine Attacks, US On The Losing End – Report

It’s all about alliances and power plays in the South China Sea. China has become a powerful friend backing its bid: Russia. Both nations have been at odds with the United States, which put their recent military cooperation a show of might against their Western foe. Will Russia and China succeed in bidding for the South China Sea, or does the United States have a trick up its sleeves?

China and Russia Launch Air Defense and Submarine Attacks

Russia and China are now considered as two emerging superpowers on the global arena against the United States.

Recently, Russia and China started their military drills in the South China Sea, with a number of reports highlighting the two countries’ air defense and anti-submarine drills. The drills were under the massive eight-day Joint Sea-2016 naval war games in the South China Sea. The program is the single largest joint maritime military exercise between Beijing and Moscow, according to Sputnik.

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According to the report, Russia and China’s naval forces conducted air defense and anti-submarine drills in the disputed region near Guangdong Province as part of the eight-day naval war game, Joint Sea

2016. In what seem like a show of might, it is important to note that the drills took place coinciding with the joint U.S.-Japan “Freedom of Navigation” naval exercises in the same region that has triggered opposition from China, prompting the nation to issue a warning against Japan.

US On the Losing End?

However, the United States may need to do a double back; according to Dr. Munir Majid, an expert in the Asia-Pacific region, the country may be on the losing end of the conflict.

“The context against which all of this is happening is clearly a contest for power and influence in the Asia-Pacific between China and the US, in which Southeast Asia is the main theater of competition and perhaps the South China Sea is the main area of contest,” Majid told Sputnik.

“US is losing in that contest and China is winning.”

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