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South China Sea War: China Deploys Bombers In Terrifying Numbers

South China Sea War: China Deploys Bombers In Terrifying Numbers
Shoal Over South China Sea Philippine Fly Boy / Flickr CC by 2.0


South China Sea War: China Deploys Bombers In Terrifying Numbers

The ruling of the Arbitration Court at The Hague may have already been handed down, but China is not about to accept it. Moreover, it seems that it has motivated the country to become more aggressive when it comes to dealing with territorial disputes.

Following the ruling, China has made sure to emphasize it does not accept the decision of The Hague. It recently announced that it will be conducting a series of military exercises with Russia in the South China Sea. It also stressed it will now conduct regular combat patrol in the area.

The country also said it will consider the putting up of an Air Defense Identification Zone or ADIZ area. U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry has already warned China against this.

Today, it seems China is doing more than just exercises and patrols. This time around, it is making a call to arms. According to a recent report from state news agency Xinhua, China’s Defense Minister Chang Wanquan has warned people against several security threats offshore. Moreover, they have been urged to prepare for a “people’s war at sea” whose goal is to protect China’s sovereignty.

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Aside from this, China had urged its military and police, as well as citizens, to prepare for mobilization in order to defend the country and its “territorial integrity.”

According to a report from RT, Chang said that the People’s Liberation Army Navy has 2.3 million personnel “fully confident and capable of addressing various security threats and provocations.” Chang is also seeking to promote national defense education to the general public.

Earlier this year, the Department of Defense issued a report on the Asia-Pacific Maritime Security Strategy. It stated that as much as 30 percent of the world’s total maritime trade transit was made through the South China Sea each year. This includes about $1.2 trillion in trade that makes its way to the U.S.

China’s aggressive actions and activities along the South China Sea has caused the U.S. to respond. Earlier this year, Morning News USA reported that the U.S. decided to set up more military bases in its ally country Philippines. Meanwhile, the U.S. Navy also vowed to continue its patrols along the South China Sea. China had long protested against the freedom of navigation exercises conducted by the U.S.

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