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South China Sea War: US Deploys Warships To Assure Philippines Of Alliance

South China Sea War: US Deploys Warships To Assure Philippines Of Alliance
America Philippines Alliance Commander, U.S. 7th Fleet/Flikcr CC by 2.0


South China Sea War: US Deploys Warships To Assure Philippines Of Alliance

It is a battle of forces in the South China Sea as both the United States and Beijing try to show might. The United States just deployed more warships to the region in an attempt to thwart off any more actions from Beijing and its quest to conquer the South China Sea. Will there be war soon?

US is Trying to Intimidate China over South China Sea

The United States is showing its military might in the South China Sea region, not just to intimidate China, but also to reassure its allies. Recently, the country just sent two aircraft carrier strike groups for a military drill in the Philippine Sea.

The deployment of troops came ahead of the international ruling to which China already refused to acknowledge. The show of force included USS John C. Stennis and USS Ronald Reagan which also involved 12,000 sailors, 140 aircraft and six other ships, as reported by Japan Times.

“This is a great opportunity for us to train in a high-end scenario,” said John D. Alexander, commander of the Yokosuka, Kanagawa Prefecture-based Carrier Strike Group 5J.

“We must take advantage of these opportunities to practice war-fighting techniques that are required to prevail in modern naval operations.” 

Ongoing Tradition between US and the Philippines over South China Sea

Drills between the United States and the Philippines have been ongoing for years.

“As a Pacific nation and a Pacific leader, the United States has a national interest in maintaining security and prosperity, peaceful resolution of disputes, unimpeded lawful commerce, and adherence to freedom of navigation and overflight throughout the shared domains of the Indo-Asia-Pacific,” the statement added.

Nonetheless, China is not standing by as the United States dabs into the South China Sea conflict. According to ABC News: “at least one Chinese ship tailed the USS John C. Stennis” everyday throughout its operation in the South China Sea.

“We did see the (People’s Liberation Army Navy) ships quite routinely throughout the South China Sea. As a matter of fact, we were in constant visual contact with at least one PLAN ship at any given time, 24-7,” confirmed Rear Adm. Marcus Hitchcock. However, the official did clarify that while the Chinese ships weer constantly present, they were not aware what ships had been shadowing the strike group.

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