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South China Sea Row: Russia Deploys Udaloy-class Destroyers, Ropucha-class Landing Ships

South China Sea Row: Russia Deploys Udaloy-class Destroyers, Ropucha-class Landing Ships
Vladimir Putin had a meeting with President of China Xi Jinping. President of Russia / Official Website CC


South China Sea Row: Russia Deploys Udaloy-class Destroyers, Ropucha-class Landing Ships

The China-Russia relationship is a common knowledge among nations, even in the highly contested maritime zone of South China Sea.

Recently, Russia deployed Udaloy-class destroyers and Ropucha-class landing ships to intensify its presence in the contested waters. This is part of the joint military drills between the two major allies dubbed as the Joint Sea 2016.

Joint Military Exercise

The deployment of the advanced military equipment is part of the intensified joint military exercise between China and Russia, which began on Monday, the Chinese state-run news agency Xinhua reported.

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This, according to policy experts in the South China Sea dispute, has added a new twist to the growing tension over China’s land reclamation activities in the region.

Chinese navy spokesperson Liang Yang said in the report that the joint military drills between China and Russia aims to improve both countries’ operational activities in the region. This will include live fire drill exercises, defense-offense operations, and inland and sea tactical operations, among others.

Advanced Capabilities

According to a report published by the Naval Technology, Russia’s Udaloy Class Anti-Submarine Destroyers are equipped with highly-advanced features ideal for sensitive naval patrol activities, including anti-submarine technologies.

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“The Udaloy Class is based on the Krivak-class anti-submarine vessel. Designed as an anti-submarine warfare ship, the Udaloy has limited anti-surface and anti-air capabilities. The class is considered an equivalent to Spruance-class destroyers of the US Navy. The Udaloy II vessel incorporates modern defence and sonar systems, and a gas-turbine engine,” the report noted.

Some of its key features include missiles, guns, torpedoes, aft flight deck, countermeasure technologies, Sensors/radars/sonar, and propulsion system. This advanced military war ship was built for Russian military between 1980 and 1990. Russia has a total of eight Udaloy class destroyers in its fleet as of 2010.

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