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South China Sea Row: Rodrigo Duterte Now An Ally To China And Russia, Report

South China Sea Row: Rodrigo Duterte Now An Ally To China And Russia, Report
America Philippines Alliance Commander, U.S. 7th Fleet/Flikcr CC by 2.0


South China Sea Row: Rodrigo Duterte Now An Ally To China And Russia, Report

After the Manila-Washington ties have been technically ‘severed’, the new president of the Philippines Rodrigo Duterte is looking at strengthening its diplomatic and military alliance with Beijing and Moscow.

It can be recalled that Duterte recently announced that there would be no more joint military exercises between the Philippines and the United States, at least under his watch.

The tough-talking Philippine president issued the statement after trading barbs with the U.S officials, including U.S President Barack Obama ahead of his state visit to China where he was warmly welcomed.

U.S. is out. China and Russia are in.

After it technically severed ties with its longtime ally—the U.S—Duterte turned to China and Russia for alliance support. In fact, Duterte said his administration is keen on restoring the bitter diplomatic ties with China and Russia, the Aljazeera reported.

Duterte said his country would need China’s support in his fight against terrorism that has been plaguing the southernmost part of the Philippines for decades now. The Philippine chief executive the Philippines would need equipment to fight terrorism, which he would most likely get from China.

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“If China does not help us in this endeavour, we will have a hard time fighting terrorism,” Duterte told the Aljazeera in an exclusive interview.

Severed China-Philippine Ties

The Philippines’ relationship with China, in particular, has been unpleasant under the previous administration where former Philippine President Benigno Aquino III sued China before the Permanent Court of Arbitration in The Hague over the maritime dispute in the South China Sea.

The UN-backed tribunal issued a ruling on June, which favored the Philippines’ claim in parts of the vast South China Sea under its exclusive economic zone (EEZ). But Duterte emphasized that the Philippines would continue to insist what is rightfully theirs, referring to the court’s ruling.

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