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South China Sea War Escalates: Vietnam, Taiwan Make Move Against China

South China Sea War Escalates: Vietnam, Taiwan Make Move Against China
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South China Sea War Escalates: Vietnam, Taiwan Make Move Against China

Things are not looking good for China as Vietnam and Taiwan each made moves against the country. Vietnam seized a Chinese vessel while Taiwan denied joining forces with China or pushing for similar interests in the disputed South China Sea region.

Territorial dispute has escalated in the South China Sea region as Vietnam seized a Chinese vessel, detaining a captain and two sailors in the process. Furthermore, Taiwan recently denied that even with China’s interest over forging the country, it will not pursue such because of its independent foreign policy.

According to The Guardian, Vietnam seized the Chinese vessel, citing that the ship breached its waters. China has been under fire for pushing its territorial claims in the region. State-run Thanh Nien News reported that the seizure happened last Saturday. The organization also emphasized that it was rare for Vietnam to make such a move against a powerful nation like China. This has escalated tensions between Hanoi and Beijing consequently.

Vietnamese fishermen also said previously that Chinese officials have harassed and attacked them while at sea. Last May, ships from both countries collided because China tried setting up an oil rig in the disputed region.  Vietnam coastguard claimed that the ship’s crew “admitted that they had entered deep [into] Vietnamese waters to refuel several other Chinese boats which were fishing illegally there.” The vessel also contained more than 100,000 liters of diesel oil.

Additionally, Focus Taiwan reported that The Republic of China (Taiwan) has no plans of joining Forces with China or be part of its initiative in the South China Sea because it has its own foreign policy. The ministry reiterated its position following claims that government is serving China’s interests given its recent decisions to highlight Taiping Island’s legal status and allow foreign news media to step on the island. Furthermore, the government claimed that in relation to international law, geography and historical perspective, ROC maintains the Spratly (Nansha) Islands, the Paracel (Xisha) Islands, the Macclesfield Bank (Zhongsha Islands), and the Pratas (Dongsha) Islands in the disputed region. This claim extends over the mentioned areas’ waters as well.

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