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South China Sea War: China Wants US To Adjust ‘Attitude’ Toward Territorial Dispute

South China Sea War: China Wants US To Adjust ‘Attitude’ Toward Territorial Dispute
South China Sea Naval Surface Warriors/Flickr CC by 2.0


South China Sea War: China Wants US To Adjust ‘Attitude’ Toward Territorial Dispute

Despite coming together for a series of military exercises for this year’s Rim Of The Pacific event in Hawaii, China is adamant about letting everyone know that they are still against the stance the U.S. has been making with regards to the South China Sea.

From the beginning, the U.S. has warned China that it will continue with its maritime patrol and freedom of navigation exercises so long as it continues with its aggressive actions in the South China Sea. U.S. Secretary of Defense Ash Carter even said that China could end up erecting a “great wall of isolation” if it doesn’t stop its activities in the disputed waters.

However, China refuses to listen to the U.S. or any of its allies. Ahead of the arbitration court ruling of The Hague, China decided to hold a series of drills in the disputed waters.

Today, state news agency Xinhua reports Beijing saying that the U.S. must learn to “rebalance” its attitude when it comes to the South China Sea issue. It once again insisted that China has no problem with freedom of navigation for various international vessels. However, it is just an excuse the U.S. is using to “disguise” its own “private interests in the region.”

As previously reported by Morning News USA, the Chinese Foreign Ministry had insisted that such freedom of navigation should not extend to military vessels.

At the same time, the article also said that since the U.S. is securing freedom of maritime movement through unilateral actions, it is currently violating the sovereignty of smaller countries. It was also noted that since 2015, U.S. military aircraft and warships are said to have been approaching China’s Nansha Islands without any permission from Beijing.

China also said that with the U.S. taking sides when it comes to the South China Sea issue, it is only helping promote regional conflict to further its own political interests. China is urging the U.S. to play a more “constructive role.”

Meanwhile, Vietnam, one of the countries involved in the South China Sea territorial dispute, has raised its objections against China’s current military exercises in the area. In response, the Chinese Foreign Ministry said, “The Xisha Islands are China’s inherent territory, and there is no dispute about that.”

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