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South China Sea War: China Perfecting Cyber Attack, Amassing More Allies

South China Sea War: China Perfecting Cyber Attack, Amassing More Allies
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South China Sea War: China Perfecting Cyber Attack, Amassing More Allies

Cyber warfare is a real threat that the rest of the world could soon find facing come 2030. Political tensions and unrest like the South China Sea dispute is not any different.

China’s Cyber War Threat

Cyber warfare is just around the corner and it could be a game changer for many conflicts like the South China Sea dispute. A Chinese expert warns that cyber war capabilities of China could be more dangerous than anything else in the future. Its capabilities are increasing across the region and could be a competitive advantage of the country.

In the next ten years, Beijing can shift the strategic balance in Asia through its cyber war capabilities. Likewise, it may soon be capable of eclipsing enemies in the South China Sea dispute. That is according to cyber security expert Greg Austin, as reported by NZ Herald. According to the official, new technologies could soon “redefine both war and politics across East Asia”.

“Today, China is struggling to integrate cyber weapons and information dominance into its military strategies,” he said.

“By 2030, China will have acquired a total war capability in cyber space against Taiwan.

“This will alter the strategic balance in the Western Pacific more than anything that is happening around the coral reefs in the South China Sea today.”

China and Russia Team Up

China has also find an ally in Russia as the latter suggests that the tensions in the South China Sea were created artificially. According to Russia’s ambassador, it is apparent that China is focused on “securing the freedom of navigation without any complicating circumstances more than anyone else.” Russian Ambassador to Beijing Andrey Denisov said to reporters in the previous week that outside interference has exacerbated and created artificial conflict in the South China Sea.

“If not accusations then at least suspicions against China voiced by some world capitals regarding restrictions if not say a threat for the freedom of navigation, according to Russian experts, are artificial and have no relation to reality,” TASS quoted the official.

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