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South China Sea War: China Displays Military Power Eyeing US & Taiwan

South China Sea War: China Displays Military Power Eyeing US & Taiwan


South China Sea War: China Displays Military Power Eyeing US & Taiwan

China is not backing down on its ambitions over the South China Sea dispute. According to reports, Beijing is using military drills to intimidate Taiwan as it welcomes its new leader. Will Taiwan be bullied into the quips of China over the disputed region?

Taiwan just welcome President-elect Tsai Ing-wen but China is not letting the country celebrate anything for that matter as it reportedly launched several drills in a supposed intimidation against the former. According to reports, China launched its large-scale war games with tanks, helicopters and beach landings on the coast facing Taiwan.

“The recent land, air and sea training exercises in the southeast of China is aimed at testing and boosting China’s ability in addressing security threats and fulfilling military mission,” South China Morning Post quoted  China’s Defense Ministry on Wednesday.

Although Beijing’s ministry clarified that the drills were not “aimed at any specific target and relevant persons shouldn’t read too much into it,” many analysts believe that it is also an attempt to push the “one-China principle.” China has been aggressive in its claims over the South China Sea region that it also clarified that it will not honor the ruling of the international tribunal.

However an analyst from Taiwan begs to disagree that the drills were not aimed at anyone.

“The exercises are a message sent to the Taiwan independence forces and can be regarded as a warning that any indications of a movement toward independence will meet with repression,” ABC quoted Li Fei, Deputy Director of Taiwan Research Institute of Xiamen University.

Beijing previously warned that relations are delicate as of now that continued destabilization of such relations could be harmful. Recently, China also intercepted a US plane dangerously drawing strong reaction from US officials. As South China Sea promises to be a major hub for trade, tensions are expected to rise following international ruling.

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