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South China Sea Tension: China Nears Declaring Exclusive Zone In Disputed Region

South China Sea Tension: China Nears Declaring Exclusive Zone In Disputed Region
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South China Sea Tension: China Nears Declaring Exclusive Zone In Disputed Region

China has always been clear about its ambitions and it’s to turn the South China Sea its territory. The country remains adamant in making sure it has the dominant power enough to start war. Will tensions rise to uncontrollable levels, to the height of World War 3?

China Denies Provocations In South China Sea

“We were not isolated in the past, we are not isolated and we will not be isolated,” National Interest quoted Chinese Admiral Sun Jianguo, deputy chief of general staff of the People’s Liberation Army. The statement came after US Defense Ash Carter said that China risks isolating itself from the rest of the world if it continues with its aggressive pursuit of its territorial ambitions.

The Chinese official went as far to clarify that the country does not pursue things that go as far to provoke other nations for the sake of self-interest.

However, that may not entirely be the case as the country’s recent efforts have translated greatly to transforming the South China Sea as its territory. What worries many countries is that despite China’s denials of its ambitious pursuit, the amount of buildup it has invested would be more than enough soon for it to declare an exclusive zone.

China is Becoming More Politically Aggressive Over South China Sea Dispute

The Tribune agrees on China’s perceived ambition citing that it has become politically aggressive throughout the course. According to the report: “The ongoing conflict and tensions in the South China Sea (SCS) are showing no signs of ending. Rather, a series of incidents on May 25 led the G7 to express concern over China’s assertiveness in the East and South China Sea where Beijing has disputes with Japan, Taiwan and several South-East Asian nations.”

While Beijing maintains its position over interventions on the South China Sea dispute, it is clear both global superpowers will not let each other go unchecked.

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