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South China Sea Showdown: Russia, China Simulate Attacks Vs US Navy, Who Will Win?

South China Sea Showdown: Russia, China Simulate Attacks Vs US Navy, Who Will Win?
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South China Sea Showdown: Russia, China Simulate Attacks Vs US Navy, Who Will Win?

The South China Sea has witnessed a battle of forces and a showdown of military artillery. In a recent turn of events, it appears that the United States Navy will be up against more enemies as Russia and China are teaming up. If tensions rise, enough for military confrontation, who will win?

US Navy Up Against and Russia and China

The United States Navy is now faced with the same aftermath following the Cold War. Russia, China and Iran are looking into challenging the West’s forces at sea. Likewise, the countries mentioned are seemingly intent on challenging American capability while claims intensify. This is something the United States force has not encountered in a long time since the Soviet Navy imploded in 1991.

“Their operational approach, Russia, China, Iran certainly, is to deny us sea control,” National Interest quoted Admiral Philip S. Davidson, commander of U.S. Navy Fleet Forces Command, during his speech at the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington, D.C.

“It’s to let us know the last decade—that aberration—that we would not go unchallenged in the maritime domain. That is one of the areas in which we took risk in the last decade,” added the official. Although the Russia and China have advancing capabilities, and the United States still need to restore and improve its own, the U.S. Navy still has built-in advantages thanks to its investments for the past decade.

For instance, the Naval Integrated Fire Control battle network has allowed ships, service aircraft and other military assets to share information and target data accordingly.

“That capability has revealed itself over the last 15 years with ballistic missile defense,” added Davidson. “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.”

Russia and China Simulated Attacks

Nonetheless, this has not stopped Russia and China from conducting a bold new series of military maneuvers in the previous month. For instance, China’s People’s Liberation Army team met with their Russian counterparts in Moscow to run a five-day computer simulation of a joint response to a ballistic missile attack.

The Central Research Institute of Air and Space Defense in the Russian capital hosted the drill although it was clarified that the exercise “was not directed against any third country.” Nonetheless, many still think that the “aggressor” in the simulation will most likely be the United States.

“The ability to share information in such a sensitive area as missile launch warning systems and ballistic missile defense indicates something beyond simple co-operation,” Financial Times quoted Vassily Kashin, an expert on China’s military at the Higher School of Economics in Moscow.

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