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South China Sea Dispute Shaping Up To Be The Next Cold War

South China Sea Dispute Shaping Up To Be The Next Cold War
F/A-18s and Su-30s fly above USS Enterprise. Official US Navy Page / Flickr CC BY 2.0


South China Sea Dispute Shaping Up To Be The Next Cold War

The United States is one of the most vocal and active nations to challenge China’s territorial ambitions in the South China Sea region, Beijing is not liking it. China just recently accused Pentagon of spreading “cold war” mentality that will only project Beijing in a negative light. 

Propaganda Against China?

Previously,  US Defense Secretary Ashton Carter’s said “China’s actions could erect a Great Wall of self-isolation” in the South China Sea (SCS).

This has sparked great animosity from China as the country believes it is being a victim of Western propaganda. Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Hua Chunying told the press that: “Carter’s remarks reflected typical American style thinking and hegemony.”

“Although we have entered 21st century, some people in US still keeps the cold war mentality and cook up stories and seek or even create rivalry worldwide,” she said via NDTV.

“This time they have focus their aim at Asia Pacific with the purpose of deploying large amount of advanced weapons in the region by creating excuses,” she added.

The official also added: “I want to say that in a globalized world today the cold war mentality will lead nowhere and yield no result. China has no interest in form of cold war and has no interest in playing a part in the Hollywood blockbuster directed by people form the US military. China will firmly oppose and we will not deter and terrified by any action that may damage China’s territorial sovereignty and security.”

Pentagon to Visit Asia

Nonetheless, the spat over the South China Sea region has got the United States worried that Carter will head to an Asian security summit in Singapore. According to Yahoo, China’s military activities in the South China Sea region will most likely take up much of the discussion. Regional neighbors have been worried about China’s actions over the disputed area.

“Countries across the region -– allies, partners and the unaligned –- are voicing concerns publicly and privately at the highest levels,” said Carter.

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