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South China Sea Dispute: Pentagon Likens Tension To Cold War

South China Sea Dispute: Pentagon Likens Tension To Cold War
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South China Sea Dispute: Pentagon Likens Tension To Cold War

The Pentagon recently likened the current tension in the South China Sea with China’s rising dominance to the five-decade Cold War with the Soviet Union with the US-China conflict is just one of the elements in this era.

But what could put an end to this era? U.S Defense Secretary Ash Carter has an answer: only if China changes internally. He, however, said that with China’s current administration, that’s likely not going to happen in the foreseeable future, the Defense One reported.

South China Sea War

According to Carter, who addressed a group of Sailors at the Naval War College, the continued presence of the U.S forces in the region is more than its position to ensure ‘freedom of navigation’ in the region, which they believed is under a serious threat should China continue to dominate the region. He said the campaign is also aimed at ensuring diplomatic and economic rebalance in the region, the report noted.

“It is shifting forces to that part of the world, it is modernizing forces in that part of the world, it is the enormous pattern of bilateral and multilateral exercising we do, partnerships with the militaries in the region who are very eager to work increasingly with the United States. It’s a whole lot of things that are intended to keep the system of peace and stability in the Asia-Pacific that served the region so well for so long,” Carter was quoted as saying by the Defense One.

South China Sea Tensions

He added that the continued presence and intervention of the U.S in the South China Sea is part of its commitment to ensure freedom-of-navigation operations in the region and that’s something that the U.S does in other parts of the world and with other countries other than China. He noted that the U.S also challenges claims from other countries, if they think it violates international treaties than ensures freedom of navigation in a certain maritime zone.

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