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South China Sea Dispute: List Of Nations Supporting China’s Claim Of Contested Region

South China Sea Dispute: List Of Nations Supporting China’s Claim Of Contested Region
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South China Sea Dispute: List Of Nations Supporting China’s Claim Of Contested Region

Over the past weeks, China has been trumpeting the long list of countries that backed its position in the territorial dispute in the South China Sea.

These countries, according to China, all agree that the matter should be settled unilaterally that is, without resorting to international arbitration. As of this week, China claimed that more than 60 countries have already shown their support position.

According to a report from the state-run Chinese news agency, the latest country that rallied behind China’s position in the dispute was Nepal, which shared a border with China. The support was announced by Nepal’s most influential political party, Nepal Workers and Peasant Party.

Aside from signifying its support to China in the dispute, the party representative Narayanman Bijukchhe accused the United States of dragging China in the mess in the South China Sea. The party said they are one with China in keeping peace and stability in the region.

“South China Sea has been unnecessarily dragged in dispute by Western countries, primarily the U.S., to maintain the hegemonic exploitation over Asian countries,” Bijukchhe said.

On Tuesday, Foreign Ministry spokesperson, Hua Chunying, said Zambia, Cameroon, Ethiopia and Malawi are the most recent nations to join its already long list of countries rallying behind China, CCTV reported.

Serbia and Cambodia have also stressed in separate statements their support for China, the report said.

22 Arab Countries

As previously reported by the Morning News USA, at least 22 Arab countries have pledged support for China on the issue. The 22 Arab nations, in a joint statement, lauded China’s stance over the case to which, China considered as a ‘praiseworthy’ statement.

Egyptian Ambassador to China, Mahmoud Allam, for one is very vocal of his support for China’s claim of South China Sea.

“The arbitration is apparently unlawful with China absent. This is common sense in international law,” he said as quoted by Forbes.

African Countries

China has also garnered support from African countries in its fight in the vast maritime zone where at least $5 trillion of goods passes through each year. African countries such as Niger have also signified its support for China. These countries, just like those that earlier supported China echo the same sentiment that the dispute should be settled unilaterally.

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