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South China Sea Dispute: John Kerry Issues Warning Against China’s ADIZ

South China Sea Dispute: John Kerry Issues Warning Against China’s ADIZ
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South China Sea Dispute: John Kerry Issues Warning Against China’s ADIZ

Secretary of State John Kerry took time to address a question regarding China, rising tensions along the South China Sea and China’s plans to establish an ADIZ zone.

On Sunday, Secretary Kerry remarked that China setting up an ADIZ zone over certain parts of the South China Sea will be viewed as a “provocative and destabilizing act.” Moreover, he urges that China should not make moves “unilaterally in ways that are provocative.”

According to Chinese state media, an Air Defense Identification Zone or ADIZ is a zone that may extend up to 300 miles beyond China’s territorial sea. When this is being imposed, all aircraft that is entering the zone are required to identify themselves inform ground control of their position and report their flight plans to China.

Back in 2013, the Chinese Government announced the establishment of an ADIZ over the East China Sea. The said ADIZ actually overlaps with Japan’s own ADIZ. However, Naval Military Academic Institute researcher Zhang Junshe pointed out that a country’s ADIZ is different from its territory. Therefore, it does not infringe on anyone’s sovereignty.

The United States, however, doesn’t it see it this way.

Back in Mongolia, Secretary Kerry warned that the establishment of an ADIZ over the South China Sea would “would automatically raise tensions and call into serious question China’s commitment to diplomatically manage the territorial disputes.”

Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter has also echoed the same sentiment while speaking during a plenary session at this year’s IISS Shangri-La Dialogue. He repeated once again that China’s recent actions in the South China Sea can result in China’s “Great Wall of self-isolation.”

Moreover, he made it clear that the U.S. views the upcoming ruling by The Hague as an opportunity to lower tensions between China and the rest of the region.

Meanwhile, Admiral Sun Jianguo, Deputy Chief of China’s Joint Staff Department of the Central Military Commission, was also present in the same summit as Carter.

Speaking at the summit, Sun said, “We do not make trouble, but we have no fear of trouble.” Moreover, he declared, “China will not bear the consequences, nor will it allow any infringement upon its sovereignty and security interests or stay indifferent to the irresponsible behavior of some countries in and around the South China Sea.”

Back in March, China Ministry of National Defense spokesman Senior Colonel Yang Yujun also remarked, “ADIZ is the right of a sovereign state and we don’t need other countries to make suggestions.”

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