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South China Sea Dispute: China Dangles Military Confrontation Against US

South China Sea Dispute: China Dangles Military Confrontation Against US
US President Barack Obama during a bilateral meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping U.S. Embassy The Hague / Flickr CC BY-ND 2.0


South China Sea Dispute: China Dangles Military Confrontation Against US

China has warned the United States of ‘Military confrontation’ should the latter continues to meddle in the conflict in the South China Sea.

China has issued a stern warning against the U.S of a possible military confrontation as it continues to send its troop in the region in the guise of joint military cooperation with its allies in the region.

The tension between China and the U.S has reached to an unprecedented level over the past weeks as the UN Permanent Court of Arbitration looms. The court recently announced it is set to hand down the decision on July 12.

“Regardless of the principle that the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS) shall not arbitrate on territorial disputes, the arbitration becomes nothing but a farce. But the US could use it to impose more pressure on China, causing more tensions in the South China Sea. Washington has deployed two carrier battle groups around the South China Sea, and it wants to send a signal by flexing its muscles: As the biggest powerhouse in the region, it awaits China’s obedience,” as stated in a lengthy editorial published Tuesday in Global Times,

The heavily-worded editorial also defended China’s decision not to participate nor recognize the ruling of the court regardless of the outcome. It said China’s move to ignore the proceedings is legitimate and consistent with the provisions of the UNCLOS.

It also hinted possible more aggressive moves from the Americans by sending more troops in the disputed area in the South China Sea to press China’s military and political position in the region.

The statement, however, noted that peace and stability could still be preserved in the region should countries involved in the conflict would remain reasonable in asserting their individual positions.

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