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South China Sea: China Finds World’s Deepest Sinkhole In Disputed Island

South China Sea: China Finds World’s Deepest Sinkhole In Disputed Island
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South China Sea: China Finds World’s Deepest Sinkhole In Disputed Island

A massive underwater sinkhole discovered in the South China Sea is being considered as the deepest sinkhole in the world.

The sinkhole, its discovery announced by researchers in China, is called “Dragon Hole.” It is as much as 300.89 meters (987 feet) deep.

According to Xinhua, the exploration of the sinkhole by researchers with the Sansha Ship Course Research Institute for Coral Protection started on August last year and was completed last month. Also called Longdong, the sinkhole is 426 feet wide, deep enough to encompass the entire Eiffel Tower.

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CCTV News reported a Video Ray Pro 4 underwater robot was used to study the sinkhole. As many as 20 species of marine life and fish were found near the sinkhole. The cave does not support life deeper than 330 feet, as there is no oxygen.

The Dragon Hole is located at 16.31 degrees north latitude and 111.46 degrees east longitude, under the South China Sea in the disputed Paracel Islands.

Plans have been made by the city to study more about the sinkhole. “We will strive to protect the natural legacy left by the Earth,” Xu Zhifei, vice mayor of Sansha City, said.

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Prior to the discovery of the Dragon Hole, Dean’s Blue Hole was the deepest underwater sinkhole. Located near Long Island, Bahamas, it is 82 to 115 feet wide, and further widened at a depth of 330 feet. It is considered as one of the top location for divers.

As reported by the Washington Post, while the depths of some of the other sinkholes in the Bahamas and rest of the world are around 360 feet, the Dean’s Hole extends to 663 feet.


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