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South China Sea: China Finds New Enemy In Australia

South China Sea: China Finds New Enemy In Australia
150511-N-VO234-613 SOUTH CHINA SEA (May 11, 2015) The littoral combat ship USS Fort Worth (LCS 3) conducts patrols in international waters of the South China Sea near the Spratly Islands Naval Surface Warriors / Wikipedia Commons cc


South China Sea: China Finds New Enemy In Australia

Australian foreign minister Julie Bishop spoke, in a manner quite harsh, about the international court ruling on South China Sea. The incident has made China furious, and Beijing is possibly finding a new enemy in Australia.

Even after a formal protest from the Chinese, the Australian foreign minister refused to back down. The Chinese foreign ministry spokesman, Lu Kang, stated that he was clearly “shocked” by her remarks.

The Permanent Court of Arbitration in The Hague declared this week that China has no historic control over the South China Sea. The ruling also said that the Chinese government violated the Philippines’ economic and sovereign rights.

However, China has completely rejected the ruling. According to them, the court has no jurisdiction, said News Corp.

China was warned by Bishop that its reputation would be hampered if it violated the decision. She also urged China to maintain friendly international relations as they are essential to its rise.

“To ignore it would be a serious international transgression,” Bishop said.

To counter Bishop’s remark, Kang said that China had officially protested against Australia’s “wrong remarks.” The Chinese government also said that they are expecting Australia to do nothing to destroy regional peace and stability.

Kang also mentioned that Australia should form alliance with the majority of the international community, not indulge in the result of the “illegal outcome.”

“We hope that Australia can set more store by international law, and not treat it as a game.”

While responding to Lu Kang’s statement, Bishop said that Australia would continue to administer its legal right of freedom of navigation and overflight on the South China Sea, said The Guardian.

“Australia stands with the international community in calling for both sides to treat the arbitral ruling as final and binding,” she said.

“Peace, stability and continued prosperity in East Asia requires the preservation of an order defined by rule of law for both great and smaller powers. Such an order is in the interests of all countries and has served the region remarkably well.”

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