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South Carolina Pre-kindergarten School Shooting: Teen Kills Dad Before Rampage

South Carolina Pre-kindergarten School Shooting: Teen Kills Dad Before Rampage
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South Carolina Pre-kindergarten School Shooting: Teen Kills Dad Before Rampage

On Wednesday, a 14-year-old boy killed his father with a handgun before going to Townville Elementary school in South Carolina, where he shot three people.

The boy shot his father while sitting on the couch in their house. The boy then got into a black pickup and drove through a narrow dirt road to Townville Elementary. The school was located about three miles away, said the authorities.

During that time, school children were outside for recess. Suddenly, the 14-year-old boy drove the pickup truck into a chainlink fence around the playground. Authorities said the boy stepped out of the car and opened fire.

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According to Greenville Online, while the boy open fired, a student, Jacob Hall, was shot in the leg, and a second boy was hit on the foot. As the chaos ensued, a first-grade teacher managed to get the children inside the building.

However, while doing so, teacher Meghan Hollingsworth was shot in the shoulder.

Katrina Jones’ 6-year-old niece was among the students heading out to the playground. Her niece told her that she heard the South Carolina gunman say, “I hate my life,” moments before the shooting.

The incident took place in the playground behind the school, but the shooter never entered, said Deputy Chief Keith Smith. Superintendent Joanne Avery from Anderson District 4 reported that a teen suspect was in police custody, and there was no longer active threat.

It was also reported by the deputies that there was no established relationship between the suspect and the victims, according to WSPA. The South Carolina suspect was home-schooled and was not studying at any school in the Anderson Co. School District.

Reports came from a family friend who said that the teenager was expelled last year for bringing a hatchet to school and attacking a child.

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