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South Carolina Officer Fired Amid Nationwide Protests

South Carolina Officer Fired Amid Nationwide Protests
Image from Flickr by Hunter Desportes


South Carolina Officer Fired Amid Nationwide Protests


Image from Flickr by Hunter Desportes

A shocking video recorded by a young man named Feidin Santana shows Officer Michael Thomas Slager shooting 50-year-old Walter Lamer Scott on the back eight times before he fell flat on the ground.

Santana said he started recording when he heard the sound of a Taser. He further said Lamer Scott was trying to run away from the South California officer.  The killing created ruckus all over, demanding justice from protesters.

FBI is investing the case, and protesters demand justice.

“I have watched the video, and I was sickened by what I saw,” North Charleston police Chief Eddie Driggers told reporters on Wednesday.

The angry public chanted, “No justice! No peace!”

Mayor Summey is taking all the necessary measures to sustain peace and harmony. He has ordered an extra 150 body cameras for every police officer.

Protesters jumped to the streets. Scott’s shooting brings back into memory the incident of an unarmed black teenager killed by a white police officer.

The man who recorded the video handed over the clip to the victim’s family so that they can know the truth about his death.

“We can’t get into the brain of another individual, so we can’t state that,” Scott’s family attorney Chris Stewart said, as quoted by CNN. “I think it would be irresponsible to say that and try and inflame a community or anything of that nature.”

The autopsy report said Scott sustained multiple gunshots on the back. The case was handed over to the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division.

Scarlett A. Wilson, the Ninth Judicial Circuit solicitor, stated, “My role is to hold accountable those who harm others unlawfully, regardless of profession. This office does not dictate nor comment upon police policy, training and procedure. I am, however, deeply concerned when those who are sworn to serve and protect violate the public’s trust.”

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