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Sources Claim that Executive Satya Nadella will be the Next Microsoft CEO

Sources Claim that Executive Satya Nadella will be the Next Microsoft CEO


Sources Claim that Executive Satya Nadella will be the Next Microsoft CEO

The search for the next chief executive officer for Microsoft Corp could finally be over. That is if there is accuracy to reports that the company has already chosen its new CEO in the persona of its current enterprise and cloud computing head Satya Nadella.

Nadella could potentially be the successor to outgoing Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer, who announced his decision to step down last August. Ballmer will remain in the position until August this year. His decision to give up his post must have been influenced by shareholder pressure after Microsoft incurred several misses and just a few hits in the past years.

The potential next CEO

The 46-year-old executive has always been in the shortlist of possible CEO according to many insiders and analysts. Nadella has become among the strongest candidates for the position.

He was born in 1967 in Hyderabad, India. He only came to the US to study. Nadella earned graduate degrees from the University of Chicago and the University of Wisconsin. Before joining the company, he served Sun Microsystems.

In Microsoft, Nadella already had important leadership positions. He used to manage the online services of R&D and the company’s Business Division. He was a president of the company’s Server and Tools unit during the period when Microsoft was in transition to cloud services from being a client-server software distributor.

Other prominent names in the possible shortlist

The same sources claim that the technology giant could also be preparing to find a replacement for the chairman, which is currently held by company co-founder Bill Gates. According to reports, the strongest contender for this position is Microsoft director John Thompson. Mr.Thompson is also the current CEO of Virtual Instruments. He used to be the CEO of Symantec. However, the sources clarified that such plans are not yet final.

In the past months, several names were also said to be included in the shortlist for the next Microsoft CEO. Among them is Nokia Corp CEO Stephen Elop. Nokia’s handset unit was acquired by Microsoft in September. Also in the running is Ford CEO Alan Mulally. However, Mr. Mulally declined to be included in the shortlist earlier this month. Skype chief Tony Bates is another name to contend with. Inside the
company, it is said that many other names are being tipped to become the next CEO.

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