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Sophos Warns against Malware in Flappy Bird Clones

Sophos Warns against Malware in Flappy Bird Clones


Sophos Warns against Malware in Flappy Bird Clones

Are you one of those who are curious about all the fuss going on for mobile game app ‘Flappy Bird?’ Unfortunately, it is too late for you to find out since the game is not available for download anymore. But don’t get tempted to resort to any of those clones that are circulating in alternative app markets.

Online security vendor warns that some of those Flappy Bird clones could pose danger to your devices. That is because it was found that those apps could actually be malware.

The company disclosed that one of its researchers accidentally discovered an infected version of the app clone. The suspicious program was found and downloaded from an alternative Android app market.

Clear deception

Interestingly, Sophos warned that the infected clone version looked exactly like the real Flappy Bird. It featured similar name and icon. However, based on the permissions of the main or original app, it would be easier to find the difference.

Obviously, those behind the development and dissemination of the malware infected app clones are aiming to cash in on the current popularity of the game Flappy Bird. It could be recalled that the original game’s developer abruptly pulled out the app from app stores because of the highly addictive nature of the program.

Danger in clones 

Other clones of the gaming app are posing even more serious danger to unsuspecting victims. For one, a malware known as Andr/VietSms-T asks permission to take ‘the right to send SMS for you.’ Imagine what damage it could possibly do.

The fake Flappy Bird game even disguises itself as a trial version of the app that has just expired. It then asks prospective victims to send a text message to a premium rate text account to initiate reactivation.

That makes it a premium-rate SMS account. It should be noted that the real Flappy Bird was offered as a free download. That was before the app was pulled out from the market.

Advice from Sophos

Overall, Sophos gives a reminder not just to those who are planning to download fake Flappy Bird versions. The company advises all people to be more wary when choosing and downloading apps especially from alternative markets.

Sophos has one last advice to those in doubt when about to download an app. It recommends setting the device on the default setting. This would disallow installation of apps from any unknown source.

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