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Soon: Pentagon Robotic Submarine And Aircrafts

Soon: Pentagon Robotic Submarine And Aircrafts
USS Farragut is underway Official U.S. Navy Page / Flickr CC BY 2.0


Soon: Pentagon Robotic Submarine And Aircrafts

The Department of Defense will soon fight war with its submarines and aircraft driven by robots, as implied with its most recent acquired contracts. The Pentagon is spending millions to billions of dollars developing “unmanned” maritime systems and aircraft.

Pentagon will soon have robot-manned systems

The contracts, first reported by The Motley Fool, awarded private companies as much as $846 million to $1.43 billion in total. Pentagon hired different contractors to spend the next three years developing and testing hardware and software that will make unmanned submarines and surface warships a possibility, The Motley Fool reported.

Unmanned submarine and aircraft

Lockheed Martin Corp, Mission Systems and Training, Liverpool, New York is being awarded more than $153 million to procure Surface Electronic Warfare Improvement Program or SEWIP, Pentagon said in its official announcement. SEWIP is an evolutionary acquisition program to upgrade electronic warfare system, to provide improved anti-ship missile defense and situational awareness, the announcement reads.

The SEWIP will improved electronic support receivers and combat system interface and expands the receiver group to keep surface electronic warfare capabilities current with the pace of threat and to yield improved system integration.

David Boland, Inc. was awarded more than $26 million to construct an Unmanned Aerial System hanger on Ft Carson, Colorado with an estimated completion date of Nov 22 1016, the Pentagon said in a separate announcement.

Sierra Nevada Corporation on the other hand was awarded more than $10 million contract to complete Open Missions Systems Future Airborne Capability Environment Systems Development Feasibility Demonstration Model. The contractor will assess and maintain document guidelines for technology aboard manned and unmanned aircraft. The contractor will also identify the integration approaches and demonstration of interoperable weapons system technology and methods.

Pentagon, into the future

Defense Secretary Ash Carter highlighted the department’s pursuit of innovation that will take Pentagon into the future. Speaking at the Sun Valley Conference, hosted by private investment firm Allen & Co, Carter said the department is building bridges to the tech community through private-sector technologists. Speaking with CNBC reporter Julia Boorstin, Carter said private companies can “solve an important problem that they’ll remember for the rest of their lives and be proud of, and then go back [to their companies], having learned something from us also.”

“If we can build that two-way street we’ll have the best of the tech world available to us in the Department of Defense and we’ll give something back … that experience and the wonderful feeling you get from being part of something that’s bigger than yourself.”


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