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Soon On Boeing: Laser/Nuclear Explosion-Powered Jet Engine

Soon On Boeing: Laser/Nuclear Explosion-Powered Jet Engine
Boeing 787 Dreamliner JA835J Šarūnas Burdulis / Flickr


Soon On Boeing: Laser/Nuclear Explosion-Powered Jet Engine

Airplanes manufactured by Boeing will soon be powered by a laser and nuclear explosion jet engine. The information was revealed in a patent filing to the US Patent and Trademark Office or USPTO for a laser and nuclear power engine that can eventually be used to power Boeing’s Dreamliner, rockets, missiles and spacecrafts.

Laser/nuclear-powered propulsion system

The patent was submitted to USPTO by Robert Budica, James Herzberg and Frank Chandler according to Bussiness Insider. The patent for a laser and nuclear explosion jet engine was approved on June 30.

According to the copy of the patent, the patent applied and approved for is for a propulsion apparatus that includes a propellant, at least one laser, and a thrust member. The propellant includes a solid surface having a hollow core disposed within solid surface and a thrust-producing medium disposed within the hollow core.

At least one laser is positioned to vaporize the propellant with at least one laser-beam into a thrust-producing flow. The thrust member is for flowing within the thrust member a thrust-producing flow created by vaporization of the propellant.

Wells Fargo Increases estimate for Boeing

The report of the new patent comes as analysts at Wells Fargo Securities raised their second-quarter earnings per share of Boeing from $2.05 to$2.11. The analysts have also reiterated its Outperform rating on Boeing stock.

The raise on estimated EPS was sparked by Boeing’s impressive second-quarter delivery report, the analysts said. Hence, the analysts have also put a valuation range on Boeing stock of $163 to $166 per share.

“The improving demand for air travel, combined with the need to replace thousands of inefficient, out-of-production planes, should support higher levels of aircraft production over the next several years,” Wells Fargo said as quoted by 24/7 Wall Street.

Boeing 2nd quarter delivery

The Boeing Company announced on July 6 its deliveries across commercial and defense operations for the second quarter of 2015. Boeing has delivered one-hundred-twenty-eight 737 planes, five 747, four 767, twenty-six 777, and thirty-four 787. The company was able to deliver a total of 197 commercial airplanes during its second quarter.

The company has also delivered 6 New Apache, 13 re-manufactured Apache, two C-17 Globemaster II, 15 new CH-47 Chinook, one renewed Chinook, 4 F-15, nine F/A-18 and four P-8. Boeing has also delivered one commercial and civil satellite as well as one military satellite.


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