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Sony’s ready to reveal Its Oculus Rift Competitor at GDC 2014

Sony’s ready to reveal Its Oculus Rift Competitor at GDC 2014


Sony’s ready to reveal Its Oculus Rift Competitor at GDC 2014

Sony is said to be making its competitor of the Oculus Rift that would correspond to the virtual reality headset. The realty of the rumors will be revealed very soon. Sony has recently revealed its plans that it will take part in the Game Developers Conference’s new session at 2014 in San Francisco that carries title of the “Driving the Future of Innovation at Sony Computer Entertainment”.

Very much dissimilar to the presentations in the conferences, this very session has fairly short description that doesn’t show what to expect and revealing the only information that Sony will host the presentation on “Innovation at PlayStation”, and “the future of gaming”.

The speakers are all eminent in their field. The attendees would be very eager to hear some words from them. The R&D Director of Play Station Richard Marks and his colleague, Anton Mikhailov would be present in the conference. Marks made his original EyeToy. The duo then teamed up for the PlayStation move motion controller and the latest PlayStation camera for PS4. As a constituent of the Sony’s Magic Lab, they have experimented with plenty of other ideas that include the eye-tracking technology for the PS4.

They will be accompanied by the PlayStation Software boss, Shuhei Yoshida that assists in the announcement of some sort at GDC 2014. Sony has always responded at GDC by revealing new technologies. It showed off the augmented reality capabilities of PlayStation vita for the very first time in a developer presentation at the conference.

Still, it is not much clear that the company will develop its unique and amazing headset in competition with the Oculus Rift. Even an announcement of that sort is yet to be made. Sony is quite aware of the interest of the people is such sort of the device. The launch of such a device would gather a huge mob of people in the conference. It of course wouldn’t be the first time.

Oculus Rift had a splendid display at the last GDC. It has caught the imaginations of the people as its development has progressed. The inventor has argued that the consoles are too weak for the rift. The source rumored to be introduced by Sony in the upcoming GDC is said to contain great quality and resolution. The people would be fairly impressed with the Sony’s built.

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