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Sony’s PS4 More Preferred than Xbox One by Holiday Game Shoppers

Sony’s PS4 More Preferred than Xbox One by Holiday Game Shoppers


Sony’s PS4 More Preferred than Xbox One by Holiday Game Shoppers

Sony’s PS4 More Preferred than Xbox One by Holiday Game ShoppersThe battle between upcoming video game consoles is expected to intensify by November upon the launch of new products. However, this early, consumers and analysts could already expect a possible trend in terms of sales. It seems that Sony Corp’s PlayStation 4 (PS4) would be on a winning edge against Microsoft Corp’s Xbox One.

According to latest Reuters/Ipsos survey conducted from September 23 to September 27, more video game buyers are more excited to purchase PS4. The poll had 1,297 respondents who were surveyed online. Based on the results, 26% of the participants said they would buy the latest PlayStation, while only 15% indicated decision to opt for Xbox One.

The difference between the two upcoming gaming consoles is wider among respondents who are within the age of 40 years old and above. The group consisted of 408 of the respondents. The survey found that 41% of the group prefers to buy PS4. Only 27% plan to purchase Xbox One.

Microsoft’s indecisiveness

The poll could be based on a limited size of sample. However, analysts pointed out that the results could still potentially indicate the trend in the uphill battle between the gaming consoles in the upcoming crucial holiday shopping season. Both products may function not just as game consoles; those could also facilitate household entertainment as those could stream music and TV content.

Market observers think that the survey results indicate how consumers perceive both gaming products. Microsoft has been criticized in the past several months because of its indecisiveness over the features of its Xbox One. Originally, the console was intended to restrict use of old games and was set to be useful only when the user is connected to the Internet.

PS4’s consistency

Microsoft reversed that decision in June as an effort to please potential customers. In comparison, Sony has remained consistent on its plans. It intends the PS4 to support used games. Users could play games even if they are not connected online. Moreover, PS4 ($399) is cheaper by $100 compared to Xbox One ($499).

The release of both consoles in November would mark the launch last year of Nintendo’s Wii U. Still from the recent survey, about 20% of respondents have played games in Xbox 360, while 18% said they have already played PS3. Only 3% were familiar with Wii U.

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