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Sony’s Playstation 4 Becomes Profitable Less Than a Year From Launch

Sony’s Playstation 4 Becomes Profitable Less Than a Year From Launch


Sony’s Playstation 4 Becomes Profitable Less Than a Year From Launch

Sony's Playstation 4 Becomes Profitable Less Than a Year From LaunchSony’s President and CEO, Kazuo Hirai, has announced at a recent corporate strategy meeting that the company’s next-generation console, the Playstation 4, has already begun making a profit on a hardware unit basis less than a year after it launched.

The Playstation 4 was first launched back in November 2013 in the US and is now currently available in a total of 72 countries and regions. It has sold over 7 million units as of April 6, 2014 and has consistently beaten its rival, the Xbox One, in sales in the US since both consoles have become available.

“It’s been a hugely successful launch, but the key to the long term success of the platform lies in how solidly we can continue to grow the installed base. In terms of game titles for PS4, as of April 13, 47 titles had been launched with a total of 20.5 million units being sold via retailers and over the network on the PlayStation Store,” said Hirai. “By extracting the best creativity from all of our partners in the game development community, PS4 has dramatically expanded the possibilities of game play. But at the same time, PS4 is also designed to provide the kinds of social experiences via the network that offer users a richer gaming experience than ever before.”

According to the announcements during the meeting, approximately half of the current Playstation 4 users are registered to the company’s Playstation Plus subscription service which allows them to access multiplayer games as well as a monthly flow of free games. There are also currently over 52 million active users on the Playstation Network (with or without a Playstation Plus subscription) and the Sony Entertainment Network.  Additionally, the Playstation App for iOS and Android devices has seen over 4.5 million downloads and is becoming increasingly popular according to an announcement during the meeting.

Hirai also talked about the company’s Playstation Now game streaming service announcing the open beta of the service beginning this summer for the Playstation 4 and then the PS Vita. He also talked about a cloud-based television service but did not give specific details on the new service.

“This year marks the 20th anniversary of PlayStation. The PS2 platform was the biggest success until now in terms of profit, but I believe that PS4’s hardware, software and services have the potential to combine and develop into a platform capable of generating even greater profit,” said Hirai.

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