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Sony VR Gloves Patent Revealed!

Sony VR Gloves Patent Revealed!
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Sony VR Gloves Patent Revealed!

Last year it has been speculated or predicted that 2016 will become the Virtual Reality year or at least it will become more popular. During the recently concluded Mobile World Congress, a glimpse of VR is seen on some products presented, letting the public feel that VR is indeed very much in the cards for this year’s development.

And of course, since it is the next big thing, it is not surprising that VR products come out one after the other. We have seen Facebook, Google, Apple and HTC bring out or speak about their VR technologies and other companies plan to have theirs too.

Sony is about to join the foray actively as it is revealed that it has recently applied for three patents for a Glove Controller for use with their PlayStation VR, reports Ubergizmo. There will be a glove-like device that will enable players to control object that they see while in VR. It can also record finger movement and also sports a pressure sensor to detect if the player might be touching a surface.

NeoGAF expounds that the three patent applications are for a “thumb controller,” “glove interface object,” and “systems and methods for providing feedback to a user while interacting with content.” According to what the forum found out, the three applications will be a bit similar with each other but will have different investors.

Meanwhile, Ars Technica adds that the Sony VR Gloves patent application was published by the US Patent and Trademark Office last Feb. 26 but was originally filed by the tech company on Oct. 17, 2014. It could be recalled that during that time, Sony has revealed to the public its VR headset known as the “Project Morpheus.” Meaning the VR glove is already in the making since two years ago.

Sony VR Gloves patent application describes the its use as, “In such an implementation, users collaborating may use their gloves to touch objects, move objects, interface with surfaces, press on objects, squeeze objects, toss objects, make gesture actions or motions, or the like.” This could mean that the player will have more precise control and also experience more VR immersion than what they can get from others.

All the public has to do is wait. After all, just because a patent is published doesn’t mean it gets to be turned into a real product. The answer still lies within the hands of Sony. Hope they manage to succeed in making this product a reality.

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