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Sony Speakers with Google Cast Compatibility are now Available for Sale

Sony Speakers with Google Cast Compatibility are now Available for Sale
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Sony Speakers with Google Cast Compatibility are now Available for Sale

In a gesture to embrace the fact that it is, in fact, not best at everything, especially when competing with the reigning names in the tech market, Sony has decided to come out with products which adopt Google software. It has launched a range of new, wireless speakers that is compatible with Google-powered gadgets such as smart phones and smart TVs.

According to Engadget, Sony had announced a little while back that they are working on a range of “multi-room audio gear” that would include a couple of speakers and a soundbar that would fill up every corner of one’s house with music. Now, after just a few months, those promised speakers are out in the market and ready to be sold.

The Sony HT-NT5 is the soundbar that includes 6 speakers that are tilted upwards, meant to enhance the volume of the sound. The quality is sound has been given maximum finesse by the inclusion of Sony’s upscale Super Tweeter tech. the greatest feature of all is, of course, the fact that it is compatible with Google devices, which means that streaming music and podcasts from gadgets powered by Google Cast just got better. Just a few clicks and your favorite tracks from Spotify and Play Music will boom away in every inch of your home.

There are two kinds of wireless speakers launched by Sony, reports Android Police. While the Sony SRS-ZR7 Wireless Speaker is a mid-range speaker that features HDMI ARC (in order to work as a Smart TV speaker) and is Bluetooth and Wi-Fi enabled, the Sony SRS-ZR5 Wireless Speaker is similar to Sony SRS-ZR7, only smaller in size. The latter can be bought in pairs to get that stereo effect and surround sound. The SRS-ZR7 and SRS-ZR5 are priced at $300 and $200 respectively.

All the above items are already up for sale on the Sony Web Store before they hit the retail store on 15th May 2016.

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