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Sony Releases PlayStation 4 Firmware 1.6

Sony Releases PlayStation 4 Firmware 1.6


Sony Releases PlayStation 4 Firmware 1.6

Sony has released new software for the PS4 and you can update your console by any of the methods that we are going to provide here. Once the update has been done to the console, go to the system function screen, [Settings]>[System]> [System Information] and if you can see the version of the update you installed  listed there, the installation has gone successfully.

Once the update has been done, you will notice that the original wireless headset can be used to communicate with the PS4 for voice chat. The update will allow you to hear the 7.1 virtual surround sound and voice chat with Sony’s next generation console and all of its games. An even better second generation wireless headset is on its way exclusively for the PS4 for $79.99 from Feb 10.This Gold wireless Headset and the PULSE are developed to be compatible with the free headset companion app which is also hitting the Sony stores in February with some truly great anticipation from the gaming community. This app enables you to download developer-made audio that is specially designed to better the game’s sound. The Sucker punch will be kicked off along with it which has a special mode for PS4 exclusive Second Son. In addition to these highly customizable modes, the app will also offer a variety of preset audio modes for video games, music and movies.

A whole new microphone will also be introduced in 7.1 surround sound and noise cancelling qualities. It can also be used not only on the PS$ but also its earlier versions and windows and Mac as well.

The firmware 1.6 also has a network update feature which you need to configure into your system’s network settings. For better understanding, refer to the user’s guide for the PS4 system. On the function screen, select [Settings]> [System Software Update], your system will automatically go online and compare whether you have the latest software update or not, if you don’t have the latest update, it will automatically download it into your database. When the download of the new update is complete, a notification appears on the top left corner of the screen. When you want to install that update, just go the function screen, then go to notifications and then proceed to downloads within it. Access the file and you will be able to install it in easy steps.

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