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Sony Reader Store Migrates to Kobo

Sony Reader Store Migrates to Kobo


Sony Reader Store Migrates to Kobo

The reorganization of Sony Corp does not only involve the sale of its Vaio PC business and the breakup of its TV unit. The consumer electronics manufacturer has announced plans to migrate its e-reader business to its competitor. The process would be completed by next month.

By March 20, Sony Reader Store would cease to exist. Customers in the US and in Canada would be migrated to Kobo, another e-reader service. Kobo would not just be the new home to Sony’s e-reader service; it would also take care of the business’ current e-book libraries.

According to a recent advisory to customers released by Sony Reader Store, the service would remain operational but only until March 20. From now until that time, existing users of the service would be able to transfer all their content as well as their Reader Store credits, if there are any, to the Kobo service.

Account holders in the e-reader service would begin getting an email soon containing instructions on how to initiate the migration process. Users with the e-reader devices would still be capable of using the devices, but all book purchases from then on would be processed through Kobo.

Assurance to customers

In a statement, Sony Reader Store assured its customers that Kobo is a perfect solution for them as it would be able to deliver fast and comprehensive user experience. The business pointed out that like itself, Kobo has the commitment to those whose passion is reading. Both businesses also share the vision to use open formats so that their respective users could read materials anytime and anywhere.

For its part, Kobo assured that with the shared philosophy between the two businesses, they could deliver the best e-reading experiences and the best available content across platforms. The company expects that together, the services could possibly reach more people. Kobo Store is compatible with both Android and iOS.

Sony takes drastic measures

According to some Sony Reader Store customers, they have already received an email informing them about the upcoming process of migration. In the message recently communicated, the business simply assured that the transition would allow users to enjoy continued e-reading experience.

Sony recently announced plans to sell its Vaio business and breakup its TV unit. Such moves would lead to laying off of up to 5,000 employees by the end of this year. In a statement, the company simply said it would focus its resources on mobile, gaming, and imaging.  

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