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Sony PlayStation VR To Launch At $399 In October

Sony PlayStation VR To Launch At $399 In October
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Sony PlayStation VR To Launch At $399 In October

Sony Corp. announced on Tuesday that it will release its PlayStation virtual reality headset in October. With this new launch, Sony plans to overtake Facebook-owned VR company, Oculus Rift, in the VR business.

Sony’s virtual reality headsets will be priced at $399 each, which is much lower than an Oculus Rift’s $599 VR headset. More than 230 developers will be working on the same platform to build content for PlayStation VR devices, with 50 games expected to be readied by the launch date, reports CNBC.

The announcement was made by Andrew House, head of Sony’s gaming division, at a press event held at the Video Game Developers Conference in San Francisco. “We firmly believe getting the price right is crucial to driving consumer adoption of any new technology,” he said.

Sony has collaborated with development company, Lucasfilm and EA Sports, to build a Star Wars Battlefront game, which will be an exclusive part of the PlayStation VR game package. House mentioned that the highly affordable VR headsets are part of its business strategy to encourage quick and widespread adoption.

Each headset has a visor-style frame flaunting a 5.7-inch screen, including a 100-degree field of vision and 360-degree head-tracking feature. Meanwhile, the headset is designed with an 18-millisecond gap between the time users move their heads and the time they see the image.

To boost sales, Sony has made it a point to keep the price level reasonably lower than its gaming counterpart, Oculus Rift. Senior Vice President of sales and marketing at game developer Ubisoft, Tony Key, points out that price is a major factor, but the high-quality gaming content will be “a strong factor in engaging fans”, according to Reuters.

Ubisoft will launch “Werewolves Within” and “Eagle Flight” for PlayStation VR this fall. Tony Key said, “Ultimately customers will decide on what price point works for them as their entry point into VR.”

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