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Sony PlayStation 4 Marks 6 Million Sales in Less Than 4 Months

Sony PlayStation 4 Marks 6 Million Sales in Less Than 4 Months


Sony PlayStation 4 Marks 6 Million Sales in Less Than 4 Months

The sales of Sony PlayStation have reached an amazing landmark of 6 million after four months of its launch according to the report by Sony.

According to the latest stats released on Tuesday, Sony said that customers have bought more than 6 million PS4 units globally as of Sunday. This statistic includes the 0.37 million units sold in Japan since the console started there on February 22.

The latest figures of sales show that the progress has been quite steady. The sales saw the rise from 2.1 million sold in the first two weeks after its launch in November, to around 5.3 million as of February 8. The console is currently accessible in around 15 countries around the globe.

The increasing sales of Sony will definitely pressurize its biggest competitor Microsoft is the market that has already witnessed the PS4 becoming the best-selling console in the country of US during January, as revealed by NPD. The PS4 has surpassed the Xbox 360 that was the masterpiece of NPD for years. Sony is claiming that it has dethroned the Xbox One with almost double its sales. However, Microsoft is still the leader in selling the games.

The latest announcements made by Sony unveil the fact that software sales of PS4 has increased to 13.7 million copies around the globe. These sales include the digital downloads on the PlayStation Store and retail stores according to the statistics as of March 2. In addition to that, the company observes that the PlayStation app that can be downloaded on Android and iPhones smartphones and tablets, has been installed more than 3.6 million times as of March 2.

Sony also boats about the huge number of shares of PS4 on social media. According to the latest report, more than 100 million shares have been observed through the ‘Share’ button on the wireless controller of the PS4. Additionally, more than 3.6 million gameplay broadcasts have been made through the Upstream streaming and Twitch platforms.

Other reports also confirm the popularity graph of new console of Sony. As Sony’s PS4 has overwhelmed the market of the big guns of Microsoft, it is expected that Microsoft will feel the heat of the tremendous competition now. It will be good to see if Microsoft develops any alternate gaming console for competing with PS4 or other companies like NPS improving the Xbox to gather more users.

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