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Sony Introduces a New Digital Paper Slate, a Replacement to Office Paper and Documents

Sony Introduces a New Digital Paper Slate, a Replacement to Office Paper and Documents


Sony Introduces a New Digital Paper Slate, a Replacement to Office Paper and Documents

Sony Corp is offering a solution to continuously piling clutter made of paper and documents in typical office settings. The consumer electronics firm’s Digital Paper Solutions unit has introduced its new Digital Paper slate. The new product is designed to replace business documents with e-books.

Logically, the portable Digital Paper is meant to take the place of spiral notebooks, file folders, and legal pads. It is a high-contrast e-paper display measuring 13.3 inches. The slate is housed in a body weighing 12.6 ounces. It is easily the thinnest and lightest device among the company’s current lineup of 9-inch gadgets.

Basic features

Digital Paper has a built-in Wi-Fi component plus a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, which could last up to three weeks in just a single charge. Users could easily convert files in basic programs like Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, and Microsoft Excel into the PDF format that is compatible with the slate. The files could be transferred wirelessly or through the use of USB connectivity for viewing, annotating, and sharing.

Digital Paper slate has enough storage that could handle up to 2,800 PDF files at a time. That is equivalent to about 1MB of each file. It even comes with an internal memory of about 4GB, plus a micro SD card slot that would enable users to backlog files and notes easily.

Thus, the new product could be a good and actual replacement for piling office paper that is typical in offices and institutions. The company reiterated that the slate’s ‘notepad’ feature could have a universal appeal. It can facilitate sharing of notes with other people like colleagues, clients, and co-workers. Surely, it pointed out, Digital Paper could lead a simpler and more intuitive experience to give professionals more flexibility and portability.

Targeted market

Sony’s Digital Paper also takes advantage of so-called electronic paper display technology, just like the Pebble smartwatches and Amazon Kindle tablets that came before it. The gadget has easy-to-read text as well as graphics in a screen that brings about full-page letter size documents stored in PDF format.

Digital Paper was showcased at the recent American Bar Association Tech Show held in Chicago. As expected, the new slate is initially marketed for professionals especially at law firms, traditional financial institutions, and many other legal enterprises. The new gadget would be released to the market in May and would take a price tag of $1,100. 

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