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Sony Initiative To Test ‘Concept For Android’ Open To Sweden’s Residents

Sony Initiative To Test ‘Concept For Android’ Open To Sweden’s Residents
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Sony Initiative To Test ‘Concept For Android’ Open To Sweden’s Residents

Xperia Z3 owners who live in Sweden might be in for something special. Sony has announced that it it seeking help from those willing enough to test its next batch of Android updates.

The initiative, which is open to 500 users of Z3, would revolve around testing “Concept for Android,” an operating system that is still, as the name implies, under concept. It is based on Android 5.1 Lollipop with “some significant differences compared to our current commercial releases, with a stripped back, vanilla Android look and feel, with native Sony features and apps we find most popular amongst our users,” as per Sony’s blog post on Wednesday.

Testers are encouraged to send feedback and report bugs in order to improve the overall experiences of using Concept.

Speaking to The Verge, a spokesman from Sony said that the experience will be based on whatever the users will input to the entire initiative. Every week, a new build of the software will be released, each version dependent on the feedback of the community.

The trial will be held from July 27 to September 13. It should be noted that the core communications software of Google will be tested, so testers should expect no other apps aside from Camera, Music, and Xperia Lounge.

Interested Xperia Z3 owners who live in Sweden are asked to read the terms and conditions in the Xperia Lounge application site before registering. Testers will be chosen on a first come, first serve basis. The final list of people participating in the initiative will be notified in the next few weeks.

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