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Sony Corp Unveils PlayStation 4 Freebies a Week before Console’s Release

Sony Corp Unveils PlayStation 4 Freebies a Week before Console’s Release


Sony Corp Unveils PlayStation 4 Freebies a Week before Console’s Release

Sony Corp PlayStation 4 Freebies a Week before Console’s ReleaseA week before the awaited release of PlayStation 4 (PS4), Sony Corp seems to be raising the hype for its latest video game console. The consumer electronics and gaming console maker has just announced a new package of free goodies that would come with the console. This is obviously expected to further sweeten the deal especially for those who intend to purchase the next-generation console.

PS4 would start selling on November 15. Each unit would take the tag price of $399.99. That would be cheaper by a hundred bucks compared to the cost of rival Xbox One, which Microsoft Corp would release the week after at a tag price of $499.99 per unit. This early, it seems that Sony wants to make sure it would win the race for console supremacy ahead of the holiday shopping season.

Buyers are advised to look for special promotion vouchers upon opening the new PS4 Pre-Order box if they buy the console from Walmart for $517.96. The company would also provide further details on how the freebies could be availed when the console is bought through other distributors.

Trio of freebies

For a limited period, purchases of PS4 across the US and Canada would come with three free goodies. First, the freebie package would include a $10 wallet credit for Sony Entertainment Network’s PlayStation Store. This credit could be used to purchase anything within the online store including PS4 launch titles like ‘Black Flag,’ ‘Assassin’s Creed IV,’ ‘Call of Duty,’ ‘Battlefield 4,’ ‘Killzone Shadow Fall,’ and ‘Ghosts.’

Second, there is a 30-day free trial period for PlayStation membership. Analysts think that this is the most exciting of the three freebies. The service could be used for multiple-player Internet gaming. After the prescribed trial period, users could continue PlayStation Plus membership at standard rate of $49.99 for annual membership and/or $9.99 for monthly membership.

More than just a gaming console

Lastly, the freebie package also comes with a free 30-day trial period for Music Unlimited. It would provide access to millions of songs for free through the service. Again, Music Unlimited could be accessed at specific rates after the expiration of the trial period.

Sony on Friday (November 9) announced 11 entertainment apps that would be available on PS4 when the console launches next week. Those apps would help make sure that PS4 gamers would get access to premium content and services, making the product more than just another gaming console.

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