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Sony Corp Resurrects Its ‘Walkman’

Sony Corp Resurrects Its ‘Walkman’


Sony Corp Resurrects Its ‘Walkman’

Sony Corp Resurrects Its ‘Walkman’Before portable disc players and the iPod became popular, there was the classic and reliable ‘Walkman,’ which had become a good companion of many music lovers in the three to four decades ago. Of course, we know how and why it became obsolete and fell into oblivion.

Now, its maker, Sony Corp wants its once popular device back in the game. Yes, folks. Walkman has just been resurrected through a new device called NWZ-ZX1. It promises to be more than just a throw-back device. The new Walkman has logically adopted with the times.

Unlike the original Walkman that was first launched in the market in 1979, ZX1 does not play cassette tapes. It is also different compared to present popular digital music players such as Apple Inc’s iPod.

Unique features

So what makes the resurrected Walkman unique? Surprisingly, it has bulkier dimensions and heavier weight compared to the portable music players of today. Moreover, the price tag is also heftier at a whopping $700.

But the electronics manufacturer is not worried about how the market would receive the resurrected Walkman. The device was launched in Japan in December. It has been warmly received in its home market. The company has plans to eventually release it in other Asian markets and in Europe. It has no plans yet to launch it in the US, where it is expected to draw criticisms because of its dimensions and weight.

Ups and downs

ZX1 weighs about 139 grams. That makes it up to 37% heavier compared to Apple Inc’s iPod Touch. But the screen dimension is comparable to that of the Apple devoice. However, the new Walkman device has depth of about 13.5 millimeters, which is obviously thicker than that of iPod Touch. Comparatively, the Apple music player is also up to $500 cheaper compares to this new Sony gadget.

So what are the upsides? The resurrected Walkman can play ultra-high resolution audio format files to make the listening experience much better. It comes with an internal storage of up to 128 GB and a battery life that can last up to three days, after full charging of up to three hours.

As expected, it is more than just your average music player. It can also store and exhibit photos and play back video files. It also comes with a 5-band audio equalizer and the technology for Clear Bass and Clear Stereo.  

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