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Sony Corp Recalls Vaio Fit 11A Due to Overheating Battery

Sony Corp Recalls Vaio Fit 11A Due to Overheating Battery


Sony Corp Recalls Vaio Fit 11A Due to Overheating Battery

Sony Corp Recalls Vaio Fit 11A Due to Overheating BatterySony Corp’s Vaio PC business is continuously plagued by a series of unfortunate events. This time, the unit has started advising users of its latest Vaio laptop model to stop using the machine. The electronics manufacturer said it is recalling its Sony Vaio Fit 11A, which it launched and released just last February.

The reason: there were already three reported incidents when the Panasonic battery used in those laptops overheated and caused partial burns to the entire PC. In other words, the latest Vaio laptops can be considered as serious fire hazards.

The three reported incidents were recorded on March 19, March 30, and just last April 8. Thus, it is not surprising that since early this month, Sony has already put on hold the sales of the new hybrid laptop.

Pulling out model 

Sources said that the company is now working hardly to identify the affected PCs through analyzing the serial numbers used. It should be noted that since sales of Fit 11A computers started in February 25, up to 25,905 units have already been shipped globally.

The Vaio Fit 11A was the latest laptop model launched by Sony last February. At about the same time, the company formally announced plans to dispose its Vaio PC business, which it said it intends to sell for a still undisclosed amount to Japan Industrial Partners Inc (JIP).

After the lineup of spring 2014 Vaio laptops worldwide, the business would cease normal operations. It would stop planning, designing, and development of all PC products under the unit. Manufacturing and even sales would also be made out of Sony’s concern anymore.

Gone too soon

Sony and Panasonic have both been refusing to give more formal announcement regarding the incident. For its part, Panasonic instantly clarified that it has supplied batteries to the Vaio PC. Vaio said it would take about two weeks before actual causes of the hazards are identified.

This is actually not the first time that Sony is forced to recall its products. In 2006, Sony made a global recall of its then laptop model also due to battery problems. By that time, the company was still producing the batteries it uses on its new machines.

In 2008, Sony continued recalling its laptop. About 100,000 battery packs from Sony Vaio desktops had been disposed. Today, many consumers can still take advantage of the last few units of Vaio laptops. 

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