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Sony Corp Announces Arrival of HBO GO on PS3 and PS4 Soon

Sony Corp Announces Arrival of HBO GO on PS3 and PS4 Soon


Sony Corp Announces Arrival of HBO GO on PS3 and PS4 Soon

Sony Corp Announces Arrival of HBO GO on PS3 and PS4 SoonSony Corp and HBO have inked a partnership that would bring the cable movie channel to popular gaming consoles PlayStation 3 (PS3) and PlayStation 4 (PS4) soon. Launch date of HBO GO is yet to be announced but the videogame machine maker promised that the app would be downloadable and available ‘soon.’

In a statement, vice president of business development of Sony Phil Rosenberg said PlayStation users would soon enjoy unlimited on-demand access to HBO. It would be via HBO GO app on PS3 or PS4 and the usual HBO subscription though cable or satellite provider.

The app would offer full and complete season episodes of top favorite TV series like ‘Boardwalk Empire’ and ‘Game of Thrones,’ among other produced shows by HBO. Of course, HBO GO on PS3 and PS4 would also offer access to movies, documentaries, comedy specials, sports events, and even behind-the-scene clippings.

Catching up on shows and movies

What’s more? The app would also offer more on-demand content compared to what is currently available through the cable providers. For instance, if Time Warner Cable offers just a couple of seasons of the TV series ‘The Sopranos’ through its on-demand option, through HBO GO, anyone could watch and enjoy the same series from first season until its final season.

PlayStation access could also facilitate catching up on any of your favorite HBO program or movies anytime or anywhere where the gaming console could be hooked up. There even is no need to have a cable box to initiate connection.

HBO GO on other portals

Most of the features that would be brought to HBO GO on PS3 and PS4 are already rolled out when the app came to Microsoft Corp’s Xbox 360, the only other videogame console where HBO has an existing contract. HBO GO could also be accessed as an app on Apple TV, Kindle Fire, Chromecast, Roku, Samsung Smart TVs, and Android and iOS devices.

The app was launched in February 2010. It was originally an online service that was made to facilitate access to HBO via the Internet. It was initially launched as a collaborative project between the cable channel and Verizon, which was then promoting its Verizon FIOS infrastructure.

HBO GO was created to give consumers another way to reach their favorite TV programs and movies from HBO online. The service was originally tasked to archive up to 600 hours of content that would be viewed only through a Web app with protective measures to prevent unauthorized copying.

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